If conventional medicine is failing you in some way...

if you are chasing symptoms, with no clear diagnosis,
or you have multiple diagnoses

Here at AICHTC, we believe that many people are suffering unnecessarily. As a community we have lost our connection to our own wisdom and ability to heal

Western Medicine often associates symptoms with systems

And this can leave patients chasing their tails

With many of the solutions offered creating more uncomfortable symptoms (or "side-effects")
Organic green drink with bubbles

The latest research is revealing the importance of gut health

We call it your second brain

But our current way of living and eating is challenging it's ability to function properly
5 jars with colorful pickles inside

If you could find a way to get friendly with your gut

this would give your body the chance it needs to heal

with the only side effect is feeling happier and healthier than ever. PLUS, learning to direct your own health journey for life - priceless!
Yellow, Green, Orange, juice shots

This is why we created ...

Imagine being able to feel ...

  • In control of your health

    We believe that a Happy Gut is the secret to giving your body the best environment to be able to heal itself.

  • Some Symptom Relief

    As the gut starts to heal, the benefits ripple through your body and symptoms start to clear up.

  • More Energetic

    As your gut gets happy, your body has more energy for other activities. You feel more vibrant & alive.

  • A Deeper Connection to Community & Self

    To be able to tune into your own body, your own heart and your gut feelings. We believe that taking care of your inner community = care of your outer community

  • Confident, knowing what's important

    The information out there is confusing. Sue, uses her 20 years of experience to break it down so you know what's important and where to keep your focus for maximum benefit.

  • Clear on the Research

    We share the latest research on the role of gut health on our overall health, so you feel confident that you are equipped with the latest findings.

Our Customers are feeling it

And nothing makes us happier than helping our clients feel
revitalised, rejuvenated and refreshed.
Here’s what they've been telling us.

Clinic Patient


Clinic Patient

Sue genuinely cared for my wellbeing and worked with me to achieve success. She mentored and educated me on simple changes I could make in my life to achieve maximum health benefits.
Clinic Patient


Clinic Patient

Wow what a difference! My health is great; I actually put my head on the pillow at night and wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. My new-found energy is wonderful.

A video message from your Guide for the course

Sue Wilson IICT

Watch Intro Video

A message from Sue

Sue Wilson IICT

Founder of Bottoms Up Colonics and Cultured Cuisine. With 20 years clinic experience in gut health plus 20 years experience in emotional health counseling.

Sue has a lifelong passion for helping people achieve emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. She founded the business after her own life-changing experience of colonics and is a trained Colon Hydrotherapist and a member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT). In 2014, Sue studied with Luis Rojas in LA and is now the IICT’s only approved training provider of Rojas Colon Hydrotherapy in Australia.
Sue Wilson Founder of Bottoms Up Colonics and Cultured Cuisine.

What's Included

  • 1


    • Introduction from Sue
    • The Happy Gut Project Symptom Checker
    • Your Happy Gut Journal Download
    • BONUS for Early Bird Students
  • 2

    The Happy Gut Project Workbook

    • The Happy Gut Project Workbook
  • 3

    Understanding Your Health

    • The Three Brains Video
    • The Three Brains Slides
  • 4

    Prepare for A Cleanse

    • Week One Preparation for your Cleanse
    • Week One Preparations for your Cleanse Slides
  • 5

    Water: The Stream of Life

    • Water. The Stream of Life Video
    • Water. The Stream of Life Slides
  • 6

    Nourish Your Happy Gut

    • Nourish Your Happy Gut Video
    • Nourish Your Happy Gut Slides with Recipes
    • Recipe Sheets for Healthy Treats
  • 7

    Connect to Your Body & Spirit

    • Spirit in Your Belly
  • 8

    Your Cleanse Week 2-3

    • Cleanse Week 2 & 3
    • Cleanse Week 2 & 3
  • 9

    After the Cleanse

    • Healthy for Life-Your Plan going Forward
    • The Happy Gut Project Symptom Checker

Don't miss out on our Introductory Offer

For being one of our first customers we would like to offer these additional materials

  • JumpStart Plan

    This will help you prepare for the course and put you on the path to feeling better and healing your gut flora straight away

  • Ask The Expert

    We provide a form where you can ask your question about gut health and we will answer you personally and may also use your question to help build content for the course.

  • Discount Consultation

    We would like to offer a discount on a 1:1 health call with our Instructor Sue Wilson. You'll save $50. More details inside.

Start your Journey

The course will help you change your way of seeing the world, improve your clarity and keep track of the improvement in your symptoms.

We named our course ...

Because our experience in the Clinic and the research shows there is a connection between gut flora & serotonin in the brain...

So let's get happy ...and healthy!

What makes this different?

It's not all about food!

Sue leads you through a training that helps you integrate the wisdom of your three brains to help you understand the role of a Happy Gut in creating a happy life and by extension a happier more connected community.

Improve your quality of life

Your gut will heal by following this program. The difference is we incorporate the three brains and a spiritual component with the role of your emotions. You can't miss this intuitive journey..